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Solar Energy Storage Systems


The possibilities with our energy storage systems are not limited, we focus on resolving multiple objectives for our clients based on the scale of power requirements.

Microgrid. The path to solve both environmental impacts due to carbon-based fuels and power quality issues is solved with a loop of a renewable energy generation that is administered by a brain controller to store power in our batteries prioritizing to feed loads and couples with external alternate current sources to complement when required.

Back up and grid independence: Our scope of work solves providing power during outages and if you decide to, we can program our energy storage system to use batteries at night and become as energy independent as possible.

Load Shave will provide stored power to offset expensive energy usage when electric rates are higher while also provide an energy reserve for power outages.

Start Offsetting
Electric Costs

In Mexico more than 88% of the energy is produced with hydrocarbons which makes the electric rates increase every year. Los Cabos is powered by the fossil fuel Power Plant in La Paz and electricity is subject to the ongoing fuel costs increase.

Our Grid tied systems will produce power during the daytime and offset the energy consumed during sun hours. When the solar power generated is greater than your consumption it will back feed into the grid generating energy credits to be applied into your electric bill, subject to grid authorities’ limitations.

All Source Monitoring

Keep Track of Your System Wherever You Are

Our system includes in all of our versions a remote monitoring compatible with your smart phone accurately not only how much energy is produced, but also what it is consumed and sent back to the grid in excess daily monthly and per  year basis.


Design and Engineering

We enjoy including and educating our clients for them to fully understand how the solar system and energy storage work, how it is designed and what considerations are important to achieve a working high-quality solution that fits within a budget to achieve grid independence.


We approach every installation with the same level of planning and care as we do with the initial design process following the NEC code.

We have learned the hard way how corrosive the environment of Los Cabos can be as well as the importance of a proper grounding mechanism of your system. Therefore, we select and continuously test materials that will last longer according to the national and international codes which will guarantee the long-term durability of your system.

Thanks to the proper engineering design of our custom-built racking system for solar panels, our installations have suffered no damage from the effect of both tropical storms and hurricanes (even from Cat. 5 Hurricane Odile back in 2014).

Innovacion Solar

Post Sale Service


This program in addition to maintaining your solar panels free of dust,  includes several activities that are performed on a regular basis, with a record and complete report including the performance of the system in each one of its components.

We have a special fully trained crew solely dedicated to attend our service contracts that ensures the proper efficiency and performance of the system, and a 30-60 min response time 24/7 emergency service calls.


Have Questions? Call Us +52 1 (624) 105.9478

Innovacion Solar is among the world’s leading renewable energy solutions provider.

Have Questions? Call Us
+52 1 (624) 105.9478

Innovacion Solar is among the world’s leading renewable energy solutions provider.