Casa Ray

Casa Ray could be the most iconic successful project we’ve accomplished, not only because of the challenge of the installation itself, but because initially the client had a $3,000 USD electric bill we had to offset.

One of the biggest challenges here was that the house was 100% built when we were hired to conduct the installation. When a house in Mexico is finished and new pipes and conduits are required to be installed. This means a severe amount of masonry work to prepare to run the wires for the solar panels and the connectivity is necessary.

The work we performed was impeccable, we left no visible track of our cuts and openings and, we even were able to hide the inverters and batteries inside a specially conditioned space inside the garage with doors which look just like a closet.Long story short, we were able to lower the electric bill from  $3,000 USD to $400 USD. The house is fully operational with an energy storage system capable of performing also during hurricanes and power outages.


Year of Installation: 2016

Max Daily Load: 234+ kWh per day 

Max Load Capacity: 25 kWp

Max Solar Capacity: 47 kWp

Outback Power System: 100 kWh

Backup for Cloudy Days: Existing Generac