Chileno 313

Chileno 313 is a 6 bedroom 6,000 sq. ft. home with a heated pool and spa. The house mainly hosts our client’s family who come to enjoy our amazing Cabo. 

The main drive and challenge of this project was to achieve the lowest upfront cost of the solar plus storage system without jeopardizing quality. Our client was on board with Energy Independence from day one, so it had to be achieved with the very best, long lasting 21.9 year life expectancy BLUE ION 2.0 and by also managing the loads properly.

We started with fewer SunPower Panels this time and by managing most air conditioning loads to occur during sun hours, we programmed and reduced loads so that the power used at night could be fed primarily by the batteries.Every time there is an outage, this house is also powered indefinitely by our Grid Independent System.



Year of Installation: 2017

Max Daily Load: 130+ kWh per day 

Max Load Capacity: 20 kWp

Solar Max Capacity: 29kWp

Blue Ion Storage System: 32 KWH

Backup for Cloudy Days: Not required.