Casa 100

Case 100 is located in Los Cabos. The unique modern design of the house hosts besides the many bedrooms, 3 kitchens, a TV room, cinema, an all electric heated large pool, plunge pool, a spa and multiple beverage and coffee stations with ice makers and refrigerators to ensure all guests are taken care of. 

The big challenge with this house, constructed from the start thinking to add solar, was to accurately design the system to match the total load of the house without over building the solar system. But accurately calculating the energy consumption of the pool heaters and over 50 ton ACs that represented more than 70% of the house load.



Year of Installation: 2019

Max Daily Load: 755+ kWh per day 

Max Load Capacity: 25 kWp

Max Solar Capacity: 74 kWp

Blue Planet Energy: 32 kWh