Chileno 214

This could be the very best case we can share. Not only for the robust system we built for this customer in perfect synchronization with the builder, but because we were able to sync our work with our client’s mindset and commitment to join the fight against Global Warming.

It’s not known by everyone that Baja California Sur is powered 99% by diesel and combustoleo, a very heavy plaste derived as waste from oil refining, the highest contaminating power source in La Paz.The mindset started with the design of the house as it is built to preserve temperature with earth ground, thick walls that work as an adiabátic barrier for temperature interchange. It was put together into an architectural luxury design masterpiece.

Such energy efficiency lowers the overall peak power of the house and the overall power consumption 30 to 40 percent, allowing us to build a 100% energy independent home.


Year of Installation: 2022

Max Daily Load: 455+ kWh per day 

Max Load Capacity: 125 kWp

Max Solar Capacity: 56 kWp

Blue Planet Energy: 64 kWh