Park Hacienda

Case PH3 is substantially different due to the design of the house with a two story bedroom and a double height ceiling, hosting a main living room, kitchen and second story bar and pool table area making the air conditioning load to be 85% of the load of the house.

The main challenge with this house was space and where to locate our batteries. Usually, the garage is an open space we are given and recommend for this purpose. But in this case, the garage holds a very large SUV with a capacity for around 15 people, and the same area serves as the house gym. Safety had to be at the highest rate, not to be put at risk with a temperature-sensitive lithium battery.

Due to Blue Planet Energy batteries’ unique lithium cells (which are the safest lithium chemistry available as it does not require a cooling system) the battery can operate up to 122°F (55°C), the very highest standard in the market before even having to enter a safe mode. 

The system became the main source of power during multiple power outages experienced by the client while being forced to stay home with a large family during the peak of COVID-19.



Year of Installation: 2019

Max Daily Load: 755+ kWh per day 

Max Load Capacity: 25kWp

Max Solar Capacity: 74kWp

Blue Planet Energy: 32kWh