Diamante Villa 13

Diamante is one of the most exclusive residential communities in Los Cabos with an incredible lagoon and an amazing golf course signed by Tiger Woods. In this development our company has installed the vast majority of the solar systems with a very high rate of satisfaction. In fact many of our clients continuously recommend our company to their friends on top of any other provided “alternative”.


Such is the case for Diamante Golf Villa 13. This house has a very high demand year round in its 7,500 sq. ft. It hosts 5 bedrooms with a pool and spa, all heated with an electric heat pump.


We also equipped this home with Sunpower Solar Panels which produce around 90 kWh per day, offsetting the house bill by almost 90% which was a concern in the first place as we were limited in space to locate the solar panels.

This high occupancy house has been a real story to tell. Although we have great results and our client is happy, a power inverter failed after almost 3 years of operation with a dramatic failure which was all covered under warranty by our company.

We will be happy to share our client’s email upon request as an important reference of our work and support.



Year of Installation: 2018

Max Daily Load: 120+ kWh per day

Max Solar Capacity: 74 kWp 

The System is GRID TIED to Diamante’s Grid with no backup power; the electric bill is covered 90% by Solar.